Cold Shoulder: Hot Look!

Finally! A trendy top that hits all the marks for those of us who are over 55.  The open shoulder – or cold shoulder – top is popping up everywhere this summer, and for women who feel uncomfortable with sleeveless tops, this is a perfect fashion solution.

The open shoulder top has sleeves, with slits cut in the upper, outer shoulder area 131_croppedthat allow the shoulders to peek through while keeping the upper arms covered. The best part is they come in a variety of styles – from casual t-shirt to dressy glitz – taking you from the park to the party!

This chic little number exposes the part of your shoulder that is smooth and shapely, and disguises the underpart where many of us have a little skin wiggle. It’s a very sexy look that women of all ages can wear with absolute confidence.

These marvelous tops can come in any type of fabric, any length, and they pair with everything from skirts and shorts to capris and pants. The sleeves can range from short cap to full-arm length.

Many sleeveless garments don’t provide a good fit.  Often designers will make the armholes too large, apparently to make them roomy enough for different sized arms.

Lifting your arm can leave a gaping hole, exposing whatever is underneath for all the world to see. The open shoulder shirt avoids this wardrobe malfunction.

The practicality of the open shoulder design leaves a wide enough band at the top of the shoulder to cover your bra straps. This lets you wear a supportive bra (very important to make anything you wear look great).

Because of the ventilation provided by the slits, it’s a perfect garment for a hot day. Just remember to wear sunscreen or you’ll end up with a burn the shape of a football on each shoulder.

So, go ahead and bare those shoulders this summer – and let your sexy peek out!

Barbara Risto is the publisher of INSPIRED Senior Living, a magazine geared for the 55+ demographic; the Canadian best-selling author of “To Move Or Not to Move?” a helpful guide for seniors considering their residential options; the producer of two annual 55+ Lifestyle Shows; and a champion of the 55+ lifestyle, which she is now embracing.

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