My Favourite Words

I like to play with words.  So, I took the word THRIVE and assigned a word to each letter  – a word that had meaning for me.  If you have a different set of words that are meaningful to you, feel free to list them in the comments.

T – Transformation

H – Harmony

R – Relationship

I – Imagination

V – Vitality

E – Energy

TRANSFORMATION – I like this word because it is about creating; it’s about moving from one set of circumstances to another, in a positive, meaningful way. I’m reminded of the caterpillar and the butterfly transformation. Or, less dramatic but no less powerful, the transformation of a molecule of water into vapour or ice… profoundly different states, but the essence stays the same. I like this description because I believe there is a part of us that is eternal. Some refer to it as spirit, or soul. As we undertake the course of our life we are shifting and growing, learning and expanding.

HARMONY – Nothing feels so satisfying as being in a place where all the parts are moving in synchronicity; where there is collaboration and purposeful sharing of resources.  As a singer, I revel in the sound of voices and instruments pitched at different frequencies, but creating an incredibly complex and coherent sound.  My mother-in-law was a master quilter. She would sew unrelated cloth pieces together into patterns that were not only breathtakingly beautiful but spread warmth and comfort. Harmony has so many aspects, all positive.

RELATIONSHIP – another word that describes this is ‘connection’.  While marital, family, friend or collegial relationships tend to dominate our lives, many other equally beneficial relationships provide the framework for our thriving existence.  I have four primary connections I want to build on – people, nature, Spirit and body. I want to deepen my relationships with friends and seek out those who share a similar passion for thriving. I want to re-introduce myself to Mother Earth –experience the elements, feel the seasons as they pass, spend more time in places that speak of the harmony of our planet. I want to understand better the power that infuses and brings life and energy to everything around us – a benevolent Spirit force that has made itself felt in a variety of ways throughout my life.  And finally, to appreciate the home of my soul, my body.

IMAGINATION – Everything starts with a thought. Add creativity and emotion along with intention and you step into the world of intuition and an intelligence that often presides in an elevated state some might refer to as genius. Every great invention, every great service provided to the world, started with someone imagining a solution that in many cases came to them as if they were downloading it from the ether. Imagination is a step beyond what we know to be true and asks the question “What if…?”  What if we did it a little differently?  What if we tried something new?  It has been said that if we have the capacity to imagine it, we have the capacity to bring it into being.

VITALITY – Health is one of our most precious resources. Our bodies are such phenomenal vehicles. They have carried us for 55+ years, over half a century. I daily bless my body and every cell for its support and magnificence.  The structure that houses our spirit is an amazing, harmonious mass of intelligent molecules in relationship with each other.  It is our responsibility to nourish our bodies not just with food and movement, but with positive intention and appreciation.  In our intent to thrive, believing in our ability to create a strong, supple and healthy body is part of the package.

ENERGY – Everything in this world is made up of energy – particles vibrating at varying speeds. As much as we know about the physics of our world, so much is yet to be learned. As scientists are discovering, energy exists everywhere.  We, as human beings, have a big part to play in how this energy is used. It is my belief that the intention to thrive puts in motion a particular thought energy that will pay dividends as we move forward in this journey of life.

These are the words I’ve chosen to play with.  If you have other words equally or more meaningful to you, write them down, meditate on them and use them as a bridge to thrive.

Barbara Risto is the publisher of INSPIRED Senior Living, a magazine geared for the 55+ demographic; the Canadian best-selling author of “To Move Or Not to Move?” a helpful guide for seniors considering their residential options; the producer of two annual 55+ Lifestyle Shows; and a champion of the 55+ lifestyle, which she is now embracing.

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