Travel is Tops

Travel is at the top of the agenda for many people over the age of 55.

The kids are raised and the career is often secure and predictable, freeing up time for the pursuit of personal interests.

Some have worked at a job long enough to warrant longer vacation time while others are simply making lifestyle a priority. They want to travel while they still have good health so they are negotiating unpaid time off from their employer. A significant number of people in the 55+ age range are self employed – they too are taking steps to balance their life by apportioning time for travel and leisure.

Mature travellers are taking the world of adventure by storm. Travel industry experts note that a growing number of older travelers tend to be, unlike previous generations, more fit, action-oriented and far more receptive to adventure travel.

Their experiences include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and pitching a tent in the Gobi Desert. They are traveling to Mongolia, Madagascar, Peru, the Andes and Ethiopia.

They are also likely to choose vacations that have an element of education or charity attached. They are eager to learn new skills or immerse themselves in other cultures. They are also more inclined to turn their vacation into an opportunity to help others less fortunate.

Pampering is not out of the question. Marketers are observing a pent-up desire among the 55+ consumers to experience travel that indulges the senses and rejuvenates the body.  Yoga retreats, special spa treatments and fusion dining experiences are on the upswing. Many hotel chains are beginning to offer these options in recognition of the growing trend.

Family and intergenerational travel is also making a strong showing among the 55+ set. They’re taking the opportunity to celebrate special milestones like anniversaries and birthdays by gathering the clan for vacations where everyone from grandkids to grandparents can connect and share the experience.

Whatever their taste in travel, the 55+ are including it in their thriving recipe.

Barbara Risto is the publisher of INSPIRED Senior Living, a magazine geared for the 55+ demographic; the Canadian best-selling author of “To Move Or Not to Move?” a helpful guide for seniors considering their residential options; the producer of two annual 55+ Lifestyle Shows; and a champion of the 55+ lifestyle, which she is now embracing.

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